How to Set Healthy Boundaries Like a Queen!

How to Set Healthy Boundaries Like a Queen!

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Speaker 1: (00:03)
Um, hello ladies. Hello my queens. I have something epic lined up for you. I’m so excited. First, I guess I’ll say, you know, welcome to, but still she thrives. There’s the official, hello. But I am so excited. I am relaunching my boundaries course with a special bonus for a limited time for a limited amount of people. I don’t know when that time is gonna be up. I’m gonna see how many I sell and go from there because I need to have enough space to give this bonus offer this time, which is going to be an hour free one-on-one coaching with me. So you will get that on top of your Epic Boundaries course, which is prerecorded go at your own pace. So it’s not like you’re rushing around. If you’ve got a very busy life, it’s easy to include in your weekly routine, or if you wanna do bi-weekly, it is dripped out weekly.

Speaker 1: (00:57)
So one video will come out to your email, directly to your email every week on boundaries. So if you feel like you are somebody who feels stressed out, overwhelmed, not at peace, feeling like relationships are stressing you out, feeling like maybe work is stressing you out, maybe the home life with the kids is stressing you out, odds are you have a issue with setting boundaries or keeping them or even knowing what or how to set boundaries. So my course is all about that, but we’re going to touch on a few of those things today. And then, um, the offer will be in the show notes, the podcast description area. Um, so you can go ahead and sign up and if you sign up for a limited time, you will get that one hour one-on-one coaching with me, which it’s just gonna be amazing, like the course with me helping you, guiding you on your journey to peace and joy and just ease.

Speaker 1: (02:02)
Don’t we want an easier life? I know I did. And I’m here. So here’s my hand. I’m gonna pull you on through and let’s dive into the actual episode, shall we? So what are boundaries, right? We hear that word all the time to me, and we’re gonna, we’re gonna speak queen language today ’cause y’all are some queens. So I want you to picture boundaries like the walls that protect your castle, right? So just as a castle’s, walls keep the unwanted out and the good within, that’s important too for you to focus on, right? To me, it’s protecting your peace. So all the good things you want to stay there and you want to block the negativity from coming and seeping into any even little cracks in your walls, right? So just as you get, you keep that unwanted out and the cherished in the personal boundaries define what you are comfortable with and what crosses the line.

Speaker 1: (03:01)
So imagine your emotional boundaries as this big protective shield around your emotional wellbeing. So when boundaries has such a negative connotation, and I hate that, I wish there was a more positive association with it, um, for me it is. But for a lot of people it feels like, oh, I’m telling someone what to do. No, you are telling yourself what you will and will not tolerate. And yes, you may communicate that to somebody, but in, in healthy loving boundaries, you’re not really telling someone to do. I’ll give you a quick example. Um, I had a person in my life that raised their voice a lot at me. And I was a grown adult. I was a grown adult, and I didn’t want that to happen anymore. I was used to it. It was my way of life, my whole life. But I woke up one day, I was like, this really has caused me a negative feeling, like a lot, right?

Speaker 1: (03:53)
So I don’t like that. I don’t like that feeling. So what do you do about it? I, instead of saying, don’t yell at me anymore, you can say, I’m not comfortable with being yelled at. That’s not something that I accept in my life anymore. And here is what’s going to happen in the future. If you do raise your voice at me, there’s nothing I can do about that on your end. But for me, I am going to walk away. I’m gonna hang up the phone, like whatever it is your boundary is gonna be, and we’ll get to all of that, especially in the boundaries course where you really customize and learn how to figure out what boundaries you need. And there’s also talk in my course about how to set those boundaries with love, right? And where it’s not aggressive. So anyway, let’s move on.

Speaker 1: (04:46)
So if you find it hard to say no to, let’s say extra work at the office, even when it’s affecting your personal time, that might be a sign your time related boundaries need attention. If you feel just spread thin, if you feel like, gosh, I have no time to do anything, and I hear this a lot when my clients come to me, I would say 95% of them say, I just, I don’t have time to do that. And by the time they’re done with me, they have more free time than they could have dreamt of. Because if you do not have free time in your life, it is because you are not, it may be aware of what’s going on. You’re not living in alignment with what you truly desire. And so therefore you’re not really able to recognize or even know how to set those boundaries.

Speaker 1: (05:34)
Or maybe you know some of them, but you feel uneasy or guilty about setting them. And we’re gonna shift all that mindset in the course. So then you can go on and set them and feel good about it. And you realize it actually improves your relationships. And the relationships. If it does damage certain relationships, those may not be relationships that you want in your life because they’re not healthy relationships. So we get into all that too. All the fun, right? So setting healthy boundaries, you have to be very clear and specific. Okay? If a colleague asks you to stay late at work all the time, you could say, I’m happy to help, but I need at least 24 hours notice for overtime requests, right? And again, we’ll get into all of these things more deeply. And this is where the one-on-one with me can help.

Speaker 1: (06:25)
If you have specific situations, you really can’t figure out, I am a pro at them. So I love helping with that. Then there’s overcoming the boundary challenges, right? Like it’s natural to fear that setting boundaries might harm the relationships, but consider this healthy boundaries can actually strengthen them. So let’s say you have a friend who always calls late at night, they’re disturbing your sleep, but you feel like, oh, I feel bad if I don’t answer. Like, you have this urgency to answer. I used to have that in general any time of day or night. I just felt like I had to be accessible all the time to my friends. It was a thing, not anymore, but by sending a boundary kindly, you know, saying something like, I value our friendship, but I do need to maintain a, a healthy sleep schedule. So I could totally chat during the day.

Speaker 1: (07:24)
Let’s say you could even give a specific day. I used to have a specific day. Now it’s like when I’m working, I really try hard not to do that unless it’s like someone has an emergency or something, right? But I really used to have a day of the week I would pick and I’d be like, you know, Thursdays, if you just wanna chat, just to chat, like, I can totally do that from let’s say two to 3:00 PM or whatever. Maybe it’s at nighttime while you’re waiting for dinner to cook on the stove. And these may seem like, you know, some more silly boundaries, some lighter boundaries. We definitely get into some deeper ones, right? I know a lot of you have gone through abuse. A lot of you come to me, you have just gotten out of really hard relationships and you may need to set boundaries with that person.

Speaker 1: (08:11)
Um, if you’re co-parenting, there’s some big boundary setting we have to do there, right? So all of that is something we can work on. So let’s, let’s talk about somebody who actually went through my program, right? She struggled so much with setting boundaries at her workplace. She used to say yes to everything, everything, if it meant working late, sacrificing her personal time. And this came from her because growing up she really didn’t do a lot for herself because she grew up with a parent who was very controlling, um, very, you do everything I say when I do it. And she had no voice in her own life. So she didn’t even really know her own voice. When she came to me, we discovered who she was, what she desired, and how to live in alignment with that. And part of that is getting comfortable with and setting new boundaries, right?

Speaker 1: (09:17)
So after learning about boundaries, she decided to communicate her limits. And not only did she improve her work life balance, but she got more respect from her colleagues. And I have my own little sidebar. Um, when I was in my early twenties, I worked at a television production company. And in the first, gosh, first two weeks, I don’t remember exactly, but within the first two weeks, um, this is kind of an embarrassing but funny story. So I actually will go into detail ’cause it’s a little entertainment here too. Um, you know, I’ve always been good at boundaries in certain ways with certain people. I wasn’t right? But I always felt like in the workplace, my dad had really, he used to say, here we go, we all in the same pot. That’s what he told me. So I was like, yes, I’ll respect my elders and all of that, but we’re, we’re all human, right?

Speaker 1: (10:17)
Like, I should never be talked down to or yelled at or anything, right? That was something that I just grew up with feeling in a work environment. So I had this new boss and I had asked him to, um, I I was moving out into an apartment and they needed proof that I, you know, had this job, whatever. So they asked him, I mean, I asked him if he could please get back to them. ’cause they had called and he hadn’t returned their call, and he kind of blew me off. So I asked, there was like another boss, like a step above him. I asked him, sent him an email with a guy’s name. Neither one of them were getting back to him. The guy called, and this was like over the span of a week or so. And so the guy at the apartment building, he contacted me.

Speaker 1: (11:11)
He said, look, if I don’t have this by tomorrow, you’re not getting the apartment. So I was like, well, I really wanted this apartment. So I looked in the directory of our huge company, okay? And I typed in human resources. I was like, well, I guess I just go to hr. Maybe that’s why they’re not responding. Maybe this is an HR thing. So I’ll just go to hr. Keep in mind you, I’m fresh out of college. I don’t really know how it all works. I just was like, okay, hr. And I saw that there was the president of hr, and I was like, perfect. So I emailed the president of HR and I CC’d the bosses. And my boss, who she didn’t, she was like, she wasn’t my boss. She was kind of a manager, but not my boss. So I, I couldn’t ask her for this, right?

Speaker 1: (12:10)
Like, she wasn’t directly above me. Exactly. Um, but she was in our department and I loved her, whatever. But I put her on the email. I don’t even remember why I put her on the email, to be honest. It’s so long ago. So, and I ccd the other two bosses who did not get back to the guy. And I wrote to the president of HR and I hit send. And I’m sitting there and I immediately, we were in cubicles and I immediately hear one, one of the bosses, the, like, my direct boss screaming at the top of his lungs. He screamed my name real loud. And, and there were tons of people around us, right? We’re in cubicles. There’s probably 25, 30 people. And my other, the woman, you know, manager looked at me and she looked at the, she was looking at her screen, she’s like, oh, shaking her head.

Speaker 1: (13:09)
And I was like, oh gosh, did I do something wrong? , I guess so. And so the boss comes running over to my desk, I mean, veins popping red face, not good. And I don’t even remember what he yelled, but he was yelling, yelling, yelling at me. And I was humiliated. I mean, I was brand new. All these people were staring at me. He yelled at me and I, I just went, I stormed away, went to the bathroom, I was crying in the bathroom, which was not like me, but I mean, I, that was not comfortable obviously. And I got myself together. And I remember sitting there and I was like, we all in the same pot. Nobody talks to me like that. And I went to him and I said, I, I’d like to speak with you in private, please. And he goes, I don’t have time.

Speaker 1: (14:06)
And so I walked away. So I emailed him and I said, I’d really like to meet with you in private before you leave today. And I knew every, all of our schedule, I think were five or six. And at five o’clock I, like right before five, I see him getting his stuff ready. Like he just ignored my email. So I got up and I walked over to him and I said, I’d really like to meet before you leave. And he was like, God, fine. You know, like he was really annoyed. And so I said, do you wanna go into a quality control suite? We did television, production, quality control, and they had suites that shut. So we went in there and I said to him, I said, what you did to me earlier was not okay. I felt very disrespected and humiliated. I didn’t do anything on purpose, obviously.

Speaker 1: (14:59)
And he was like, you wrote to the president of HR of all of this company. I mean, he is huge company. And I said, well, I don’t know. I, the guy said I needed it done, you know, or I wouldn’t get the apartment. And so we kind of went back and forth. I, he was still upset, but he calmed down as we talked. And I was like, that just under no circumstance, is that okay to speak to me like that, to speak to anyone like that. It’s just not, I was, you know, I wasn’t yelling, I was calm, I was just direct. And did I think I could get fired? Sure. Um, but I also have faith. There’s this whole faith thing that goes along with me and my mind. And I do believe God will take care of us if we take care of ourselves.

Speaker 1: (15:49)
And, um, and I’m not saying you have to go about things this way, right? It might be extreme to do that, but maybe having an exit plan and looking for another job. If let’s say, you know, you’re scared to do something like that ’cause you have kids to support, I totally get that. But it’s setting a standard. And I will tell you this, that man never spoke badly to me again. He actually was very kind. He liked me. He would tell people about me. He had used my nickname. He came to love me. And he told me one day, he said, the day that you talked to me in that room made me gain major respect for you. And that kind of hit, you know, because I was, I was scared. I was like, I, this might be it for me here. That sucks. I only made it two weeks.

Speaker 1: (16:43)
Um, and I wasn’t someone to do that. But I, I felt so much in my body that this is not okay and not right that I just had to say something. So all that big story to say between me and my clients, I can tell you people respect you when you respect yourself and when you de demand, not demand, I hate that word, demand respect. But when you don’t settle for less than being respected and being treated well, right? People treat you how you let them treat you. And that is true my whole life. Look, the abuse when I was a child, that is something that, you know, yeah, sure, I wish I would’ve gone to police or whatever, gotten help. But we don’t always know, especially as children didn’t know what options were out there. But I will tell you, as I got older and out of the house and going through this work, nobody treats me poorly anymore.

Speaker 1: (17:38)
That just doesn’t happen. If it does, it’s one time and they’re out. Like, you don’t get, you don’t get chances to poorly behave around me. And I want you all to have this standard for yourself. I’m calling it the bold standard. ’cause you’re queens, right? We’re all queens. Everyone. Men too. This isn’t just like a women empowerment. I mean, I’m all about women obviously, but men need to be treated well too. There are women who treat men horribly. Everybody deserves to be treated well and have high standards for themselves in their lives. You know, don’t let anyone treat you like how you would not want your own child treated, right? A lot of us will be like, oh, they can’t do that. And so protective of our kids, be protective of yourself as well. Like this life is to be lived in peace, in joy, in freedom and happiness.

Speaker 1: (18:38)
We’re not here to suffer or take, okay? So I would love you to purchase my boundaries. Course it will be life changing. I, I can say everyone who has gone through my course has told me it has changed their lives. And then with that one-on-one coaching session with me that comes with it, this is like, now is the time to get this. So I will put the link in. I want you to really take your boundaries seriously and know you can do it in a way that isn’t, you don’t have to be a, right? Like there’s a whole like association with boundaries or power. And that’s. And we don’t have time for it. You are loving yourself and all you want is to be treated well. And that’s okay. That’s more than okay. You deserve that. We all deserve that. Again, we’re not here to suffer.

Speaker 1: (19:34)
That’s not why we’re here guys. We’re here for many, many different reasons. That’s a whole other show. But, and to help others. And you can still help others and be selfless in many ways, yet still care for yourself and demand that you be treated well. And again, I hate that word. It’s got a negative connotation, but don’t settle for less. I’ll fluff it up a little bit. Semantics. Semantics. Anyway, this is a little bit of a longer episode, but it’s super important. And this is the foundation of having a great life. It’s simple. Like a great life is truly created by figuring out what your desires are. Maybe you have to rediscover yourself in the process. I’ll do an episode about that. And then setting boundaries with yourself and with other people. There’s also, you have to set boundaries with your yourself. If you want your life to align with your desires. What does your day look like? I, if you desire really to travel, but you never travel the, we’ve gotta fix something that could be a boundary with yourself. Well, what are, are you spending all this money on something else that’s really not working toward what you actually want? It just in the moment seems like a good fix. Like, um, binge shopping, just like a, you know, aimlessly walking the aisles or scrolling on Amazon. ’cause you’re filling a, a void in the moment. You just guzzling some wine, a coffee addiction that’s expensive.

Speaker 1: (21:15)
Like getting clear on your alignment with what you desire and setting those boundaries to get into that alignment is everything. So I will link all this stuff in my show notes. If you have questions, I’ll put my email in there as well. You guys deserve the freaking world. And you can get it. You can live a dream version of your life, if that makes sense, right? Like, can I be Mariah Carey right now? Maybe not, but can I live my dream if I wanna, if I love singing, which I do right now, I’m taking voice lessons, I love it. I’m singing on YouTube. I’m having a good old time, right? Like, there’s ways to bring your sparkle back on top of, you know, recreating your boundaries with other people, recreating your life through setting the boundaries and letting the good in filling your life with more of the good it by blocking out the bad, right?

Speaker 1: (22:25)
Think about it. If you have negative energy and people draining you all the time, how are you gonna really be happy and do more of the good stuff or figure out what you even wanna do? Look like, picture it as a scale, right? You want that happy, happy joy, joy to be way up in the air. We want an imbalanced happy scale . Um, because that negative will just weigh you down, rob you of your energy, rob you of your joy, fill you with anxiety and worry. And y you are going to get more than that. I, if you go through this course, you are gonna learn a lot and you are going, it is invaluable. You are going to change your life. So, alright, I’m just, I’m passionate, obviously I could go on and on. Now I have, I’ve gone on for another like four minutes.

Speaker 1: (23:17)
So I will let you go, go click on that, purchase it, get that free call with me, which will pop up at the end of your, don’t be worried if it’s not there right away. Um, you can get, you can purchase an extra one if you’d like to. Um, there’s an option for that to get two calls with me. But at the end, automatically at the end of your course, you get that one-on-one call. So you go through the course and then we can chat, you can, you know, if you have any questions about the course, if you’re like, okay, I get it, but I have this specific situation that’s tricky, can you help me? Yes. All those things. Or we can just sing and dance, do some yoga. Just kidding. Well, not really. We can do whatever you want with that hour, , but I love you guys. I will see you in the next episode. Smooches and Doses.



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