hi i'm christy
Narcissistic abuse coach.
Proud wife. Adoring adoptive mama.
My favorite color is glitter.
Narcissistic Abuse Monthly Coaching | But Still She Thrives christy jade - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse

Gain Confidence, Power & Peace Following Abuse

You have been through it! You have been made to feel worthless and are exhausted. But you would love to gain back your life and thrive. 

I know what it is like to feel like the damage has been done. To feel like you cannot trust your own judgment and worry you will get sucked back into the same or similar relationships or friendships. To feel defeated and like it may be too late to find peace and freedom. I am sure you feel that, too. The good news is, I am on the other side and that means hope for you! It is not too late. With some work (more quickly than you think!) we can retrain those negative thoughts, rebalance your nervous system and help you live each day with more peace and freedom. You can get that sparkle back and live with joy every day! You are a marvelous queen, after all.

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find your inner sparkle
I help women who have gone through abuse set boundaries and create joy in their lives.
Each day, I prioritize balance and boundaries. And it’s my calling to help other moms experience balance and set good boundaries, too.
I see your struggle and want to help you find confidence and take back your power while taking charge and thriving.

I believe in...

...straight talk, and intentional, authentic living while still being a kick-butt mama!

I am NOT about...

...not showing up for yourself, living up to others' expectations, trying to fit in, whining, or wasting time or energy on the wrong things.

You can find me...

...dancing on furniture, singing karaoke with friends, having a squirt gun fight with my family, or even wrapped in a cozy blanket reading a self-help book.

Bottom line...

...life is meant to be balanced and lived out with purpose. Balance includes your full self AND motherhood - despite the "shoulds" of the world. Without boundaries, you can't have balance.

my story

I was the victim of narcissistic abuse. I thankfully got out, dove deep into understanding narcissists and how their minds work, and started helping other women.

Then I adopted my daughter and it became my mission to make sure she saw me have only healthy relationships in my life. I found leaving my toxic situation helped me create boundaries in every aspect of my life, including friendships and professional settings.

I’m not just living a more free life for myself, but able to role model what life should look and feel like for her.

Ways to work with me.

Leaving a life of abuse might seem overwhelming and lonely…but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re feeling lost after breaking free from a toxic situation, are afraid you’ll get sucked back in, or are just ready to finally live in peace – then you’re in the right place!

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1:1 Coaching

Keep strong in your boundaries and stop getting sucked back into toxic situations, to become the best YOU and find your sparkle.

christy jade - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse

Power Hour Call

“I need it now” guidance. Cut through the fluff and identify your blind spots. Feel hopeful and confident after this one-hour call.

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Online Courses

Feeling out of control? Struggling to hold your boundaries? Feel like you’re the bottom of the list? Join my course.

Find Your Peace and Freedom
After Narcissistic Abuse

christy jade - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse
stefanie testimonial - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse

"So lucky to have worked with Christy."

Christy is an incredible human. Her unique perspective helps me shift my attitude and conquer situations that would have left me as an anxious mess before meeting her. She has, no-doubt, been a large part of my emotional growth in the last 6-months, and I am so lucky to have worked with her.