The Best Affirmations After Narcissistic Abuse

The Best Affirmations After Narcissistic Abuse

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Speaker 1: (00:02)
Hello Queens. How are you? I’m so excited to be back after a little break. Here we are, we are gonna do some affirmations today. I wanna ask you guys for feedback. If you like this type of thing. Every once in a while hit me up at and all my connecting links are always in the show notes. So don’t forget to go to the show notes after the show or save it for later. Send yourself a little reminder. Um, but I would love to hear from you guys. Okay. Second thing we need to discuss, this is amazing. This is awesome. For the rest of the month, I have a few more slots open in my schedule for you guys. This is a super, super special pricing. I first sent it out to my email list, um, so they got the first dibs on it and uh, the spots are going.Speaker 1: (00:55)
And if you’re not on my email list, also in the show notes that go to the four minute meditation, you get an epic four minute, yeah, ends four minute meditation to start every morning with it is amazing. It’s like relaxing but like energizing and grounding all at the same time. It’s my client’s favorite meditation that I do. So I’m giving you guys that free and when you sign up for that, you also get put on the email list if you opt in for that. If you do that, you can unsubscribe at any time. But why would you want to? Um, so you get first dibs at special pricing. If you’re on the email list, you get just a reminder when my podcast comes out every week and then other little things drift in there. Alright, so let’s shut up. Well not shut up totally, but shut up about all this and let’s get into the actual affirmations.

Speaker 1: (01:44)
Okay? So I wanted to give you some affirmations for if you have been through abuse or if you’ve been through any trauma that has just kind of, I don’t know, destroyed your confidence, brought you down, messed up your nervous system, any of that. I think we all deserve to actually take some time here. And I wanna hold space for you. So save this for either a time in solitude or if you are driving, just let me do the talking and you don’t have to talk back. Pay attention to the road. If you’re driving, I will just say these and they will go into your subconscious even if you don’t repeat them. Um, and you can save this episode that you can go back to it over and over again every day of your life. No, but saying affirmations morning and night, literally, it’s life changing.

Speaker 1: (02:36)
And it’s, when I started my whole healing journey, this was a huge part. I still do it, but this was a huge part and I’m so glad that I did it because it truly does change the wiring in your brain. So let’s dive in. So I will speak it and then you will repeat it after out loud in your mind. Or if you’re driving and you just wanna let it marinate up in there, that’s what you can do. Okay? So I’m gonna give space after. If you’re like, where’d she go? That’s where I went. All right, let’s take a nice breath and get grounded. Ah, just shake out any stresses if you’ve had, if this is the end of the day or listening, shake out that stress. If this is your morning commute in, just envision a beautiful day ahead and let’s go. I will break them up because some are longer. All right? I am worthy of love and respect and I deserve to be treated with kindness and empathy. I release the pain of the past and embrace a future filled with healing. I trust my instincts and boundaries to protect me from toxic relationships.

Speaker 1: (04:07)
I am not defined by my past. I am creating a brighter and healthier future. I forgive myself for any mistakes I may have made and understand that I did the best I could. I am strong and resilient and can overcome any challenges that come my way. I choose to focus on my own happiness rather than seeking validation from others. I am in control of my life and I have the power to choose who I allow into it. I am free from the chains of manipulation and can now live authentically and true to myself. I am surrounded by love and support and I am open to receiving it.

Speaker 1: (05:51)
Okay, so put these on repeat in the morning, in the evening. I just wanna touch on a couple of them real quick. You know, I always like to just go off on a little tangent. I will, I’ll save you from going through each one. But the one I choose to focus on my own happiness and wellbeing, I left wellbeing off ’cause it was getting along, but rather than seeking validation from others is so important for us. That’s a really big one to focus on. You focus on your own wellbeing and what’s good for you and, and stop seeking validation from another person, right? And I love also, I am in control of my life and I have the power to choose who I allow into it. I have the power to choose who I allow into it. That is so, it’s so hard when you start on this journey.

Speaker 1: (06:48)
And I don’t know where you are in your journey. I know I have people who are just starting their journey, people who are in the middle, people who have really done some work. But it’s so easy to go back on that one and feel guilt naturally. And I want you to give yourself permission to choose who you allow in your space, right? Like, it’s so important. You deserve peace. We all do. So I want you to really, really sit on these, play them back again if you want, go hit replay, save this episode to come back to. It’s so important to have all of these things really marinate, upping your body queen. Why? ’cause you’re a queen. All right? I love you guys. And don’t forget to reach out to fill up one of those spots. We can do whatever you want. It is the power hour.

Speaker 1: (07:38)
That’s what I’m calling this. The power hour of whatever service from me you want or need. It can be even a combination. You want like a half hour coaching, a half hour tapping or re you were. Let’s do it. I want this customized to you and your needs. So I’m so, so excited. I’m having so much fun with this. So definitely sign up. There’s also gonna always be that link to my boundaries. Course it is updated and better than ever. So go check that out. Just always go look at my show notes for all the things that are happening in Christy Jade World. All right, love you guys. Don’t forget to save this episode so you can go back to it and really reinforce this ’cause you all are some serious Queens, Smooches and Dueces!


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