christy jade - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse
Find Confidence, Power
and Peace after Abuse.

Leaving a life of abuse might seem
overwhelming and lonely...

…but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re feeling lost after breaking free from a toxic situation, are afraid you’ll get sucked back in, or are just ready to finally live in peace – then you’re in the right place!

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1:1 Coaching

Keep strong in your boundaries, stop getting sucked back into toxic situations, and start setting boundaries…to become the best YOU and find your sparkle.

christy jade - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse

Power Hour Call

“I need it now” guidance. Cut through the fluff and identify your blind spots. Feel hopeful and confident after this one-hour call.

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Online Courses

Feeling out of control? Struggling to hold your boundaries? Feel like you’re the bottom of the priorities list?

Hey, I'm Christy!

I’m a wife, mom, and a ruthless narcissist avoider!

For years of my life, I went to therapists that didn’t understand narcissism, read generic abuse recovery books and tried things that didn’t help me truly disconnect and break the cycle of narcissistic abuse. I wasted money on tools that didn’t give me lasting results.

I finally realized that if i was going to truly disconnect and heal, I had to understand narcissists’ minds and the effects on their victims.

Thanks to years of education and ongoing conversations with other victims, I’ve created the perfect plan to disconnect from narcissists, keep from getting sucked back in, and heal from the abuse.

I’m thriving, not just surviving and I can’t wait to share my strategy for peace with you.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Narcissistic Abuse?

Narcissistic abuse is one of the hardest situations to get out of. Narcissists have a way of creating codependency, so the you as the victim will forever ‘need them.’  

Spoiler alert: You WILL be ok without them. Yes, it can take time to fully disconnect and not get emotionally pulled in, but I got you!

We can work to accelerate the timeline of healing and getting to the point you are able to either fully disconnect or use the Grey Rock Method if you absolutely have to have contact with them. All while gaining confidence, finding peace and freedom.

You can thrive after narcissistic abuse!

Stay Disconnected

While working with me, we do mindset work, you will gain clarity on why narcissists do what they do, and learn how to navigate their sticky web!

Rebalance Your Body and Mind

Narcissistic abuse can wreak havoc on our brains and our physical bodies. We will work together to retrain that pretty brain of yours to get you sparkling confidence while calming and rebalancing your body.

Find Freedom

Being under the spell of a narcissist leaves you unsure of your own decisions, seeking approval and feeling like you have been locked in a cage. Get ready to fly, queen! Freedom is just around the corner, and it is going to feel so amazing.

Join My FREE Community

In this community, I help women who have been through abuse find confidence, power and peace.

Join us and learn to say yes to the right things, retrain your brain, and create an amazing life. I’m confident you can because it’s helped other women just like you.

We are a community! Being shy doesn’t work when seeking personal growth, so get engaged, comment, discuss topics, and share your own stories.

I can’t wait to see you in there!

testimonial - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse

"Best Investment I've Ever Made."

I’m halfway through my program with Christy, and I can honestly say that it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. Life before was an everyday uphill climb. And despite so many blessings, I just had the hardest year of my life and felt lost, out of control, and like I would never be able to untangle all the emotional baggage I was carrying. I had reached my breaking point.

Christy somehow managed to break down my walls, identified my inner confidence, direction, and joy once again. I now have the power to listen and follow my inner voice once again. I also now know to prevent anything or anyone from making me feel uncapable or unworthy-these deep-rooted feelings of self-doubt that I lived with for so long. I already feel so much peace with myself just six-weeks in. I’m waking up every day feeling a genuine excitement for what lies ahead. I can’t thank you enough Christy.


Find Your Peace and Freedom
After Narcissistic Abuse

christy jade - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse

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Start the day off right or instantly boost your mood anytime with just four minutes of meditation. This is a client favorite!

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Free Community

Join the community and learn to say yes to the right things, retrain your brain, and create an amazing life.

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