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Find Confidence, Power and Peace after Abuse.

You Can Thrive After Abuse

It’s time to set boundaries and prioritize self-care so you can find peace and freedom. From one-to-one coaching to courses and more, you’ll find exactly what you need to do just that.

Hey Queen!

Looking back from where I am now, it is hard to believe all I went through. I remember the mind games played on me, the painful words spewed at me, the physical abuse that I did not deserve but was all I knew. I prayed hard to find the strength to get out of toxic situations and thrive and my prayers were answered. But not without effort and faith on my part, and not without support. 

None of us deserve abuse. But some of us had to deal with it, and now must take our lives back into OUR hands and, in a way, make up for lost time. But I promise it is doable. You can feel joy, you can feel peace and calm. You can trust yourself and find amazing people to fill your life. You can be a great mom, a great partner, a great community member and learn how to live life for YOU- to shine and thrive.  I want to help.  Let’s chat! 

XOXO – Christy

Ways to Work With Me

Leaving a life of abuse might seem overwhelming and lonely…but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re feeling lost after breaking free from a toxic situation, are afraid you’ll get sucked back in, or are just ready to finally live in peace – then you’re in the right place!

Power Hour Call

I need-it-now guidance! Cut through the fluff and identify your blind spots. Walk away feeling confident after this 1-hour call.

christy jade - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse
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Transformational Coaching

Through weekly calls, we’ll reconnect you to your desires so you can shine and live your best life after abuse.

But Still She Thrives Course

This online course will help you dig deeper into recovery after narcissistic abuse.

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christy jade - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse

"Such a great program!"

Before working with Christy I was at a real low. I felt sad and unmotivated all the time-even small tasks around the house left me exhausted. My children overwhelmed me, and I had gotten myself into a cycle of getting stressed, shouting, and ultimately feeling guilty. I just couldn’t seem to enjoy my life all that much! The funny part is I KNEW the problem was me, I just didn’t know how to fix it!

Christy taught me that my thoughts and actions come from me alone, and I have the power to create a better day for myself. Christy helped me take charge and create time for myself to be me again. I’ve fallen back in love with cooking, and the gym no longer feels like a chore! Such a great program. I’m so grateful to her!