Having Obsessive Thoughts About a Narcissist?

Having Obsessive Thoughts About a Narcissist?

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Do you have obsessive thoughts about a narcissist in your life? In today’s episode I share 4 reasons you can’t stop thinking about them or the situation.

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I am Christy Jade, adoring wife, adoptive mama and narcissistic abuse survivor. I now help other women who have gone through abuse (or are going through it) find confidence, power and peace.



Speaker 1: (00:00)
Welcome to, but still she thrives. On today’s episode, we are going to talk about all of those nasty, annoying sleep, disturbing stomach ache, causing obsessive thoughts we have over the narcs in our lives. Why can’t we stop thinking about them? Stay tuned.

Speaker 1: (00:19)
Hey, Queens, welcome to, but still she thrives. Do you wanna stop getting caught up in that wicked web of a creepy crawling narcissist and you find yourself up late at night replaying the abuse you put up with and wondering how you can heal Now? Do you wake up hoping for healthy relationships and peace only to feel totally exhausted and mind effed? Girl, I see you. I’m Christy. I too had to disconnect from toxic people in my life and I wished I could undo the damage. I felt ashamed, lonely, and kind of lost. But I’m a stubborn Italian and I refused to give up. I found ways to recalibrate my mind and body more quickly than I thought and can now share them with you. In this podcast, you will find coping tools, healing methods, and confidence boosters so you can trust yourself and find peace and freedom. So, shields up ladies, let’s go protect our peace.

Speaker 1: (01:17)
So I have had more than five clients recently talk about how disruptive the thoughts are, even after disconnection, even when you’re out of the relationship. What is going on that I’m still obsessing, I’m still thinking about whether it’s the narcissist, the relationship, what they did wrong. There are all of these obsessive thoughts. So let’s dive into the why today, and then we’re also gonna talk about how to help those thoughts in the next episode. So narcissists tend to target empaths and people who are more thoughtful by nature, right? They’re easier targets, lucky us. Woo. So as those types of personalities, we tend to overthink as it is, then you throw in a manipulative narcissist who knows how to create a co-dependent situation with us. If and when we get strong enough to finally get out, which congratulations, by the way, our brain will still be stuck there for a while.

Speaker 1: (02:19)
And this is normal. This is normal in our situation, okay? For us who we are, and this situation, it’s normal. Our brains really want to fix any problem. A lot of us can be people pleasers or we’re so trained to please a certain person that our brain wants to fix any problem immediately because we are set up where we feel like, especially in narcissistic, abusive situations, if we don’t fix the problem, it’s gonna become a bigger problem. We are going to get emotionally or physically abused, right? This is how our brain is set up. So it is very normal for us to want to fix all the problems. So if we can’t figure something out, our brain is going to ruminate, ruminate, ruminate. And with narcissist, it’s usually a situation that cannot be fixed without disconnecting from them entirely, right? So if you are in the situation, it’s even harder because truly living with a narc, you’re going to always have these problems.

Speaker 1: (03:21)
They’re always going to to create this dynamic. When you are disconnected, that’s great, that’s a huge step forward. But there still is work to be done because your brain is set up this way. So it’s still trying to problem solve all the time, and it’s trying to figure things out. But why do narcissists tend to make the obsession unbearable like it is? Because they’ve set up this codependent situation. This means they’re already creating a relationship with us that is obsessive by nature. They confuse us, which leads us to having to spend more time trying to figure them out, trying to figure our relationship out or our, you know, past relationship with them out, like what just happened. That’s a very common thing to feel when you get on the other side. You are like, what just happened to my life, right? Trying to figure out what is wrong with us.

Speaker 1: (04:13)
By the way, it’s nothing. You’re a fly queen, okay? We’ll get there. That’s another episode. Trying to figure out if we should stay or go or why we didn’t leave earlier, or how it affects us and has damaged us or our children, right? There’s a lot of figuring out. So they are so strategic, they know exactly how to make sure they stay on our mind and have control of us and our minds, even when we leave, even when we are apart. So they’re still in there. The longer you’ve been with a narcissist, the harder it may feel to get out of these thoughts. But girl, I promise it is possible. Okay? So keep that hope up. All right. Now let’s dive into how they do this specifically. So, so if you’ve been doing your research, you may know what gaslighting is. I have a whole episode on it.

Speaker 1: (05:01)
You may want, if you don’t know what it is, you may want to also listen to that episode. I think it’s episode 23. I will put that in my show notes. If you’re like, what are show notes, Christy. , just go to wherever, whatever platform you’re playing this on, right underneath, if you click, there should be information about each and every episode that has all my information, how to contact me, any pertinent information that I talk about during the episode, like this, you know, I’m talking about another episode you may want to reference. All of that good stuff is in every single episode’s, show notes, they’re all, they all have their own separate show note page on whatever, um, platform you are on. Okay? So back to gaslighting. So if you don’t know what gaslighting is it, go watch that episode. But gaslighting is something they do that it really makes us feel crazy and wonder if we are in the wrong and one makes us wonder, are we causing the problem?

Speaker 1: (05:59)
So this leads to more obsessive thoughts to try to figure these things out. They also give us the silent treatment. This is something, ooh, they love a good silent treatment to control you when they’re not communicating. This leads us to trying to get into their heads to figure out what they are thinking. Again, obsessive thoughts and all a part of their big nasty plan to keep control over our minds and our hearts, which it’s worked. But if you’re out, you broke through again, congrats. But these are things that have created the dynamic. So if you’re wondering, how did I get like this? Why am I so obsessed? There’s all of these parts play a part into it. Narcissists also play hot and cold games. We call it the yo-Yo, right? They are known for sucking you in, in the beginning with making you feel special, making you feel so alive and like you’re the best thing since sliced bread or pink sprinkled donuts.

Speaker 1: (06:59)
But I’m, I’m a little biased. As soon as you get sucked in, they will start yo-yoing, you creating conflict, being abusive, lying, gas, lighting, cheating, name calling. Maybe the physical abuse starts earlier on it, it usually kind of graduates to getting worse. But even in that very first start of the cycle, right? There’s a cycle of abuse where, and I have an episode on that I will link, um, but it starts out all the, like, this is your dream life and it’s just this honeymoon, but it’s beyond honeymoon usually it’s usually a little more, um, they’re laying it on a little thicker, really whining and dining and making you feel special and the complimenting all that. Then the yo-yo starts in where they start mistreating you, but you are already kind of sucked in and then it, it’s just the cycle that continues, right? They suck you in, they spit you out, they suck you in, they spit you out and spit you out.

Speaker 1: (07:54)
Meaning the abuse, the lying, the shaming, all of the above, right? So imagine what your brain goes through, right? They’re creating this conflict and then making it up to you. And they’re princes charming. So they’ll buy gifts, make promises, give those compliments. That is the cycle. And that my queens will enhance those obsessive thoughts because it’s so confusing and it’s involving your heart and your mind and your spirit. It’s involving every single part of you creating this dynamic. So of course, of course this is going to be very difficult once you get out. So there are reasons we can get so obsessive in general, even after we have disconnected. That’s why it can be so hard for us to escape. And often we can get sucked back in to the unhealthy situation a lot easier with them than someone else who does not create this codependent dynamic, right?

Speaker 1: (08:52)
A healthier person, let’s say when you have a breakup with a healthy individual, it can be hard, but narcissists will make it a thousand times harder. And that dynamic we already have will create it to be more challenging. But again, that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. I’ve done it and have helped many clients through this. It is possible. It is possible. And if you would like to work one-on-one with me to get support that is needed on a journey like this, I am offering half off my coaching for the month of May. You’ll, so you’ll be grandfathered into this pricing for the remainder of your package. So whether you sign up for a month, three months, six months, a year of this mamma, Jamma, Christy, whatever it is, you will be grandfathered in to this pricing that will go up. So I only have two more spots for clients because this summer I am going to take it down a notch so I can enjoy this summer with my daughter.

Speaker 1: (09:51)
So I will be having, taking on less clients. So I have two more spots open. So go check the show notes for that link to sign up. It will give you the, the app pricing cuz you’re a queen. And I just, I can’t wait to help more women find peace. Like this is my jam. I’m so excited. So don’t forget. Also, I have a free, amazing four minute meditation for you that is in the show notes. That’s really cool. So go check that out. It’s like a morning mood boost and it’s literally four minutes. Everyone has four minutes in the morning, everyone, even the president of the United States. Do you think he wants my mood boost? Should I send him, should I send him my freebie ? Okay, so remember that healing from abuse is a process and it may take time to reduce the intensity of the obsessive thoughts.

Speaker 1: (10:41)
So be patient and kind to yourself. There’s no magic pill, it’s gonna do it overnight. But next episode, I will have a few techniques on how I have worked through this in my life and how my clients work through theirs. And we all use different tools. There’s a bunch of tools you get to, you know, kind of customize how you want to do it, but there are a lot of tools to work through it and they are successful. So be patient and hopeful. . And remember, you are beautiful. I mean like Superfly, and you are worthy of uplifting and peaceful thoughts. So let’s break this cycle. I’ll see you in the next episode. Don’t forget to subscribe so you get notification for it. Have a wonderful day.

Having Obsessive Thoughts About a Narcissist?

Having Obsessive Thoughts About a Narcissist? Having Obsessive Thoughts About a Narcissist? Having Obsessive Thoughts About a Narcissist? Having Obsessive Thoughts About a Narcissist? Having Obsessive Thoughts About a Narcissist?

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