My New Podcast: But Still, She Thrives – Confidence, Power and Peace for Women Following Abuse

HELLO QUEENS! I am starting a podcast on January 3 all about helping women find peace after narcissistic abuse! It has been something on my heart for a while now, and working with my clients who have been through a lot, really motivated me to want to reach and help more people and I think this will be a great way to do that. I will be basically using my blog as a ‘word podcast’ for those of you who like reading more than listening! But you can also find my podcast on Apple podcast at OR most other podcast hosting sites. If you leave me a 5 star review, I will give you the HUGEST air/screen hug you have ever had! 😉

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My New Podcast: But Still, She Thrives – Confidence, Power and Peace after Narcissistic Abuse

Hey friends, welcome to the, But Still She Thrives podcast. I’m Christy Jade, adoring wife, adoptive mama, empowerment coach and queen of helping women who have gone through abuse, turn their lives around and start thriving. I know you are sick of feeling not good enough, questioning your decisions, not knowing how to say no, and the stress is still in your body and in your life. You’re looking for more joy and just some freaking peace. You wanna feel confident, take your power back and run your life your way. So if you’re ready to go from surviving to thriving, grab that venti mocha and let’s dig in.

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Welcome to my first episode of, but Still She Thrives. I’m so excited, so excited. If you don’t know me, I get excited easily, but I’m super excited about this. All right, so I know you’re like, well, we’re talking about abuse. Don’t get too excited. But I’m excited because I get to help women every day in my coaching and I’m hyper focusing on women who have been through abuse, some who are actively in an abusive situation. Um, so I wanted to come on here, tell you a little about myself, about what to expect in this podcast, and I’m just thrilled that you are listening. So I just wanna dive in a little bit about me. My name is Christy. I am 42. How did that even happen? I don’t know. . And I am an adoring wife of an awesome, awesome husband. Surprised with all the crap I went through.

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I picked a good one. So there is hope out there. Okay, . And then I have a beautiful, amazing daughter that I adopted at birth and she’s eight years old now. And I have, as far as career, I worked in television production, which was awesome. I taught kids. I am obsessed with kids. I love them, they’re so fun. And I have now landed to empowering women through life coaching. I’m specifically an empowerment coach for women, focusing mostly on women who have been through abusive situations and are trying to heal, get through, get coping mechanisms, get their confidence and their power back, live in peace. And sometimes we think we have to settle because we’ve been through a lot. and we don’t have to. And I can promise you, you can go from feeling like you’re surviving or just on the other end of surviving to thriving.

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And I myself can relate to this journey. I went through years of abuse. I won’t be getting into all those nitty gritty details on today’s story, but I will say, I was a victim of narcissistic abuse, which I will talk a lot about and a lot of you will be able to relate to that. I know I have an audience that has been through or are going through narcissistic, abusive situations, so I will definitely be tapping into all of that and having some experts on to discuss that more in depth too. The hard part about abuse is sometimes we don’t even realize we’re we’re really being abused or how bad it is because our minds get so twisted up and we are told by the abuser that we’re crazy or we caused it or deserve it. There’s so much backward stuff that happens with abuse that hopefully, you know, but some people don’t.

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Maybe one of these episodes will just grab them and they’ll listen and, and realize what’s happening. So, if you know anyone who is going through something you might think is abusive, you can certainly pass any of these episodes along to them to help out. So on this podcast, I will be addressing especially how to deal with abuse after the fact. I will talk about signs of abuse and we will get into that evaluating if you’re in an abusive relationship. And a lot of my focus will be on after you are out of a situation. What now? Because it does not end the, the damage is not over. When you leave the abusive situation, yes, you’re out of it, that’s great, but there is still a a long way to go and I think it can be overwhelming for a lot of people. I myself felt great relief, but there was a lot that came afterwards.

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There was a lot of things I had to uncover. There was shame, there was guilt, there was still dealing with the lack of confidence and questioning myself. There was just, there’s so much to unpack. It’s a lot. It can be very overwhelming. You know, after I got out of my abusive situation, there was, well, there was a lot of wine. First of all, and I get an amen. and there was a lot of soul searching. There was some therapy reversing negative, just negative beliefs about myself. There was just a lot of rewiring I kind of had to do and tools I had to learn and actively decide to use. So yes, it can be overwhelming, but there are so many great things and there are awesome people in the world that can help you along the journey. And when you remove abuse from your life, you make space so much more space for beautiful people and beautiful things.

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So it is really tough, but it’s doable. And I did a lot of the legwork and that’s why I want to help women move more quickly over to the other side of the fence, right? We’re not gonna heal overnight. It’s not a magic wand, but it can go way more quickly than you think when you have somebody who has already done the work like myself, that can walk you through a lot of this stuff. So I’m super excited to help you guys and share more of my journey in these coming episodes. I am so glad this podcast is finally here. It has been like months in the making, so I’m so excited and we’re gonna have some fun. And that might sound crazy cuz I know abuse isn’t fun. It was one of the hardest things in my entire life, but it led me to here to help other people, which I’m grateful for.

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And I also know that just because we’ve gone through a lot doesn’t make us have to settle. It doesn’t make it that we can’t have a beautiful, thriving life. And you deserve to feel good. You deserve a happy life. You deserve better than mediocre, just like skating through the day. That’s a low bar. We’re not gonna do that here, . Okay? We’re gonna, we’re gonna raise your bar, we’re going to help heal. We’re going to have tools, we’re gonna learn, we’re gonna have fun. And you’re gonna be a badass queen, okay? At the end of this, that’s what this podcast is. I don’t care where you’ve been, you’re gonna be a badass queen and I’m gonna be right here lifting you up along the way. All right? I’m so excited. Once again, if you have any questions, fierce mama c I’d love to hear from you. Just say hello and if you wanna join my free Facebook group that’s gonna be filled with women just like you, come find us at Bitly, that’s . Come find us. We’re gonna hang out. I’m gonna have little videos and all the fun and v i p pricing for my coaching. So go over there. Once again, Bitly , thank you so much for listening and I will talk to you in the next episode.

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Girl, if you are over the lack of peace, the lack of setting boundaries, not feeling confident, questioning yourself, it is time to get some coaching. This is what I do, this is my specialty, it’s what I love. And I can help you more quickly than you think. If you wanna grab a call with me, I am offering $20 off of the first call and only 10 spots a week and they fill up quickly. So definitely act now if you’re interested and you can find me over@ to set that up. I look forward to helping you go from surviving the thriving cuz you deserve to be the queen you have always been. Let’s chat.

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