Can’t Stop Negative Thoughts? 5 Ways to Squash Them!

After abuse, you may notice that you have negative thoughts about yourself. You might believe you’re not good enough or you can’t trust anyone. The good news is it’s possible to stop these negative thoughts after narcissistic abuse, but it takes work and patience. In today’s episode, we’ll talk about how to recognize those negative self-perceptions and what you can do about them.

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Can’t Stop Negative Thoughts after Narcissistic Abuse? 5 Ways to Squash Them!

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Hey, Queens, welcome to, but still she thrives. Do you wanna stop getting caught up in that wicked web of a creepy crawling narcissist and you find yourself up late at night replaying the abuse you put up with and wondering how you can heal now? Do you wake up hoping for healthy relationships and peace only to feel totally exhausted? And mind f-Ed? Girl, I see you. I’m Christy. I too had to disconnect from toxic people in my life, and I wished I could undo the damage. I felt ashamed, lonely, and kind of lost. But I’m a stubborn Italian and I refused to give up. I found ways to recalibrate my mind and body more quickly than I thought and can now share them with you. In this podcast, you will find coping tools, healing methods, and confidence boosters so you can trust yourself and find peace and freedom. So, shields up, ladies, let’s go protect our peace. Are you feeling lost after post narcissistic abuse? I’m your girl. I got you. This is my specialty. Go check out ways to work with me at Click on work with me and find alt fun ways you can work with me, whether it’s one-on-one coaching or a pre-recorded boundaries course.

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First of all, I want you to repeat after me. That’s not my. If you don’t wanna say, say stuff, but not your. Do not let the abuser define who you are. You are so much more than the negative comments and actions of this abuser, and it’s important for you to remember this. Instead of focusing on the abuser’s, negative comments and actions, focus on yourself. Look at what you have achieved in life so far, the good things about you, and how far along the road to recovery from abuse has taken you. Even if you’re kind of baby stepping out, you are getting onto the other side of that abuse, right? It’s important not only for your mental health, but also for your self-esteem. Number two, write down those negative thoughts. If you’ve been following me a while, you know I love to write down feelings, so write them down.

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It’s important to identify what your negative thoughts are first and how they can impact you. So when you write them down, it gives you an opportunity to really think about them in detail. You may be surprised at how often these negative thoughts actually pop up in that little brain of yours. I mean, big brain, you got a big beautiful brain. So write down the positive counter-argument. This is one of my favorite things to do with my clients when we’re working through the earlier stuff and getting through these thoughts, is reversing this damage that has been done reversing these thoughts that someone else put in your head that are not true. We are going to get to the truth, right? You don’t feel worthy because someone else said that. It’s not because it’s true. So take for example, you feel worthless. Try writing out an alternative viewpoint on the same topic.

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I am valuable. This will help shift your perspective and provide some balance in your life by reminding you of all the good things about yourself instead of focusing on this be us that someone else put in your brain and someone else tried to make you believe for their own narrative, their own life, their own. Again, that’s not your, okay? So once you’ve written that down and you’ve turned it around, you can keep this handy nearby. Look at it. Maybe you wanna do one or two to start and just kind of start reminding yourself and replacing those negative thoughts is actually does work over time. It can take practice. That’s where we say it’s work. Yeah, it’s work, it’s practice, whatever you wanna call it. And it is a form of self-care, right? Number three, practicing good self-care. Woohoo. I’m the queen of self-care.

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I love it. First, find time to be alone. It’s great to go out with your friends, with your family, people that lift you up. That’s great, but you do need time alone to do your own work. You know that inside work that you can’t really do when you have a lot of distractions. So take time to relax, unwind, meditate, do yoga, take a bath, things that you enjoy, going for a walk, reading a book. Write down even a list of things. So when you have some free time, when you’ve carved that out for yourself, make sure you carve it out every week. You can even go to your list and say what sounds really good? Write about. Now, if you follow me on Instagram, you know one of my favorite things to do is dance. I haven’t danced as much lately, but we need to.

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We need to do some more dancing. I did do one this week, so if you’re not following me on Instagram, by the way, go find me Fierce Christy Jade , and say hello. Alright, let’s get to the next one, which is number four. Don’t compare yourself to other people and don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes when we’re on this journey after abuse, we can compare ourselves to people in other situations and it’s just kind of a useless thing. No person is on the same path, okay? Everybody has a different story. Everybody has a different timeline and trying to match someone else’s timeline or their life in ways or wishing this or wanting that, we’ve just gotta let that go. We are on our own timeline. All you can do is learn from what you’ve gone through and apply what you learn your, you know, tools like this, getting support, anything you can do to help put your life in a different direction and learn from the past, but don’t beat yourself up about the past either.

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It’s gone, the past is gone. It has molded you who you are. I’m a big advocate of actually having pride, not in my pain, but in what I do with that pain, with that experience. Now, I would not be where I am today without what I have gone through. Was it like on my top 10 of how I wanna live my life? Maybe not right, but it is what it is. It happened. Some of it was devastating, some of it was horrible. But I would not be where I am today if I did not go through that. I wouldn’t appreciate things the same way I do now, and I wouldn’t be helping the people I am today. So I am a big advocate of not really looking at and trying to regret or beat myself up over decisions I made. Or why was I so weak?

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I couldn’t get out of this like earlier than I did. Let’s bs. Let’s stop it. Okay? Life is too short for that. That’s, that goes in that whole negative self-talk bin. We need to trash it and reverse it, shrimper and reverse it. Remember that , I don’t know the the lyrics and I don’t think you do either. Okay, let’s move on. Number five is very important to me and has helped me a lot in my journey, and that is surrounding yourself with uplifting people. Bottom line, other people’s energy affects our own energy. Can I get a what? What? You know exactly what I’m talking about, right? There’s some people that when you’re around them, you feel like you are on the top of the world and it’s not inconsistent, right? Like, I mean, we could go down that narc path. Sometimes you could feel on top of the world with them, but then they will drop you real low.

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So that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about people who are just joyful people, peaceful people. They’re not into all the drama. They just, they might, you know, everyone has their days, but in general, they’re consistently a joy to be around and we gravitate toward them for a reason, right? Same goes for the opposite. There are people that are draining and will suck your energy and will use you and we’ll take advantage of you. And even if they’re not intentionally doing it, they’ll use you as a dumping ground for just all their drama or their negativity and their complaining and their gossip. You don’t need that in your life, especially after abuse. Never really, okay? Let’s be honest. But especially when you have gone through something yourself and you are looking for peace, ask yourself, is this person in alignment for me in my journey to peace?

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Are they adding peace to my life? Are they adding joy or are they just sucking my energy, which is y? You probably don’t have that energy to give, let’s be honest, right? So surround yourselves, even if it’s only a couple of close friends that you have, it’s important to surround yourselves with happiness and peace and calm. People who talk about exciting things and life and activities and growth. Maybe they’re doing their little self-growth themselves, right? Not people who talk about other people in dramatic situations. That’s how it feels inside, right? We don’t like that. So don’t take on all this negative energy that you just have no business taking on right now. And if you don’t have those people, go find them. Get yourself out there. I know you’re doing all this healing work and everything, but it is a really nice thing to have a support system.

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You can always look on like Facebook groups or There’s all sorts of resources. You can always reach out to me, I can help you out finding those things. I love doing that sort of thing. You can always email me in all my information is down in the show notes, aka the podcast description. Also, don’t forget, I have one more spot open. So if you want an hour long phone call with a two week blueprint to piece that we can work on, I’m working on a framework for a course I’m doing, so I’m taking on a few clients right now at a very discounted price. So it’s $50 instead of my normal 200 for this. So if you are interested, email me. I have one more spot left fierce mama, M A m A c Or you can find ways to connect with me in my show notes.

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But yes, I would love to, I’m gonna try to tie that up this week. So reach out if you are interested like asap so we can get going and I would love to help you. So to wrap this up, these mofos did some damage to your brain, okay? It is not irreversible, it is not going to identify you. We’re not gonna let it. Okay? So number one, what are we gonna do to help focusing on yourself and remembering this is their, okay? This is their stuff. You write those negative thoughts down. That’s number two. Write them down, turn them around. Woo, can make a song out of it. Number three, practice your good old self-care. Number four, don’t compare yourself to other people. Give yourself grace for the past. And number five, surround yourself with positive mofos instead of negative mofos. You know what I mean?

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We need some cheerleaders around us right now. All right, so, so be comforted in the fact it’s possible to stop the negative thoughts, but it may take a little time, a little practice like I said, but it’s okay to have these negative thoughts. It’s totally normal to have this after abuse. So if you’re like, why can’t I stop thinking because you have had a narcissist. Who are the worst people in the world that can scramble your brains up real good, but we are gonna unscramble them, okay? So between the self-care of meditation, yoga, and the rewriting of these negative thoughts, flipping them into positives, you can start to rewire your brain and your nervous system. Again, it takes time and there are more ways. So if you work with me, like you grab one of those calls, we can work on more customized ways and we will do that.

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I love doing that with my clients. So know that there is a way to stop these thoughts. I know they can get obsessive and overwhelming. So breathe, and part of, for me, part of knowing there is going to be a way out with something that helped me with having faith and seeing someone else on the other side. So I’m here to tell you, I’m on the other side. Is life perfect with no hiccups? No, but I can’t tell you the amount of growth I had in actually a pretty quick time. So if you’re willing to put the effort in and get support, it’s a lot quicker, . So I will see you in the next episode, and as always, don’t forget how wonderful you are. You deserve to be loved. You didn’t deserve what happened to you. You are stepping up and healing and it’s a beautiful thing. I’m so proud of you. Talk to you soon. Smooches and dos. If you are loving this podcast, but want a little more customized guidance, go to my website at, and go to the work with me tab to find ways you can work with me. I would love to help you. Also, don’t forget to look in the show notes, a k a, the description of this podcast for any related links that I mention and more. Christy Jade fun.

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