christy jade - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse

What if You Knew Exactly What to do to Undo the Damage of Narcissistic Abuse?

…with clear boundaries, self-confidence, and overwhelming peace and freedom.

christy jade - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse

Imagine if...

She Thrives Power Hour Is the Answer

Together on our one-hour call, we’ll help you:

Set clear and consistent boundaries for yourself and others.

Build Confidence by connecting to YOU and YOUR needs.

Unravel the pattern of narcissistic chaos and gain more control.

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Narcissistic Abuse Power Hour Call | But Still She Thrives christy jade - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse

Are you ready to finally have PEACE and FREEDOM in your life?'s time to get started!

She Thrives Power Hour

Your journey to peace coaching call and blueprint to help you undo the damage caused by narcissistic abuse.

christy jade - but still she thrives

Here's what's included:

Each individual session will be tailored to your needs as a survivor of narcissistic abuse, however, a few things comes standard:

1-1 Hour-Long Call

We’ll get clear on your blueprint to success, all based on boundaries and self-care.

Customized Blueprint

You’ll receive your customized blueprint via email after our call.

Follow-Up Support

I’ll check in with you over the next two weeks and offer you options for next steps.

christy jade - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse

Here's how it works.

I know my clients want accelerated long lasting effects from my coaching. That is why we start out with a deep dive call to get a pulse on where you are and where you want to be

Are you ready?!?



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Kind words from current clients.

Hi there, I'm Christy!

Looking back from where I am now, it’s hard to believe all I went through. I remember the mind games played on me, the painful words spewed at me, the physical abuse that I didn’t deserve but was all I knew. I prayed hard to find the strength to get out of toxic situations and thrive and my prayers were answered. But not without effort and faith on my part, and not without support.

None of us deserve abuse. But some of us had to deal with it, and now must take our lives  back into OUR hands and, in a way, make up for lost time. I promise it’s doable. You can feel joy, peace and calm. You can trust yourself and find amazing people to fill your life. You can be a great mom, a great partner, a great community member and learn how to live life for YOU – to shine and thrive.

I want to help! Let’s chat!



christy jade - but still she thrives - surviving narcissistic abuse

And just so we're clear...
(Because we don't believe in wasting time)

You're in the right place if:

You're in the wrong place if:

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? Here they are!

While there are never any guarantees in life, I have had 100% satisfied clients. Everyone will “grow” at their own pace, but my methods have been well tested and approved.

I do not offer refunds at this time.

Within 24 hours of checking out, you will get an email to set up our first session and details.

Every client is different, but most client get immediate results (within a week) if they do the work.

I have been there myself. What helped me was thinking about how much pain I was in, and I knew it was priceless to get myself back and start truly feeling peace and freedom in my life. I have learned that I have never regretted investing in myself.

Christy outside on couch

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Together we’ll help you take charge of your own life so you can have the peace and freedom you deserve.



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